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Yep, That Time Again, Let’s Do Another Top 100!

Oh! Hello there! Didn’t see you come in.  Please, take a seat! I bet you’re wondering what all the confetti and balloons and buckets of champagne are doing here?

Actually, no, I accidentally clicked on this trying to get to Shut Up & Sit Down so I’ll just-


Oh. Oh God. I know 2020 has completely made the concept of time meaningless but didn’t you, uh, just do that?

Astute observation! My 2019 Top 100 took a lot, and I mean a LOT, longer to write than I realized. This caused it to bleed into 2020, making the title seem goofily anachronistic. Couple that with general 2020 malaise, which I’m trying to get recognized as an actual medical condition, and you have a recipe for a top 100 that way overstayed its welcome!

I’d say. Anyway, so I’ll be leaving-

So you’re probably wondering how exactly I’m going to do this. I’ll gladly explain. Just like last year, I’m going to reveal my rankings from 100 to 1 in chunks of 10. This will start with the 100-91 installment which I will post on October 12th. New installments will be posted weekly on each Monday. That should give me enough time to get the entire thing done before 2020 ends. If 2020 ends, I should say.

After it’s all over, I plan on doing another “Gone but Not Forgotten” post, wherein I spotlight some notable games that were in my top 100 last year but aren’t present in 2020’s. There are around 20-25 new games on the top 100, so I’ll have plenty of material to pick from.

Hmm, so that means 75-80 games will be returning. What’s your plan with those? Are you going to write entirely new entries for them?

Good question! That was actually one of my biggest fears with attempting a new top 100. How do I handle games that are returning to the list when I already spent lots of time writing what were essentially mini reviews for them last year? It’s one thing if you do a top 100 in audio form, where you can ramble about a game you had on your list the year before, hitting any familiar notes and updating your opinion on it in a pithy two minutes.

So, here’s my plan: for a game that was on my list last year, I’m going to take the entry I wrote for it, condense it down in a way that the core of it remains while getting rid of any fluff that will make rereading it a chore. I will label these soft retreads as “What I said last year”.

Boring? Maybe. But here’s the fun part. I’m going to follow these up with a section called “What I say now”, wherein I can update my thoughts on the game. Did the game move down in my ranking? I’ll explain why I may have cooled on it. Did it move up? I’ll talk about why I like the game more.

With this format, I’m hoping it’ll allow me to build upon what I said last year without having to spend the time rewriting everything entirely. And games that are completely new to the list? Guess what? You get to see 100% COMPLETELY new material!

Ohh, greeeeat. Can’t wait. That’s sarcasm, by the way.

Me neither! There’s not much more for me to say except keep your eyes on this blog every Monday from here on out. A new post will (hopefully) be here.

Perfect, another reason to loathe Mondays. Can I go now?

I guess. Unless…do you wanna, like, play a game?

Hahahahaha nope. See ya!

Well, okay. Come back to this blog this Monday (October 12th) to see the first entry in the 2020 edition of my top 100 games of all time!